How to Self Publish for Profit Ebook by JaWar

Self-Publish Your Own Book

How to Self Publish for Profit and make money online with your ebooks.

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"Do You Have a Book Inside You?"

Do you want to see your words in print?
Are you ready to have your words published?
Do you have a story that needs to be told and sold?
Are you ready to create your own destiny?
Do you want to profit from publishing?

How to Self-Publish for Profit is an easy read, self help resource tool, reference guide and personal directory for anyone wanting to self-publish their own book.

Before publishing my first book, the Atlanta Music Industry Connection: Resources for Artists, Producers and Managers in 2004 I was jobless and homeless. Self-publishing was a gateway out of that condition. You have a story to tell, wisdom to share or fantasies to create.

How to Self Publish for Profit reveals the same information, contacts and resources I use to publish my own books including the Atlanta Music Industry Connection, the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection, the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics, the Atlanta Modeling Industry: Secrets Revealed, MY Music MY Business and, etc.

After reading How to Self Publish for Profit the only thing stopping you from being published is you!

How to Self-Publish for Profit Reveals...

1. Ten Ways to Make Money from Your Book
2. What You Didn't Know to ask about Self-Publishing
3. What You Need to Know about Self-Publishing
4. How to price your book
5. How to get your book into stores
6. When should you begin promoting your book
7. How to find investors for your book
8. How to protect your intellectual property (book)
9. How to properly register your copyright
10. How to get a business license
11. How to get a tax i.d.
12. Why you need a ISBN Number
13. Why you need a barcode
14. How to protect your publishing company name
15. What is distribution
16. Getting book distribution
17. Creating a distribution system
18. Websites to sell your books
19. Book distribution directory
20. How to brand, market, promote and publicize your book
21. How to use the Internet for free
22. Where to get flyer's and book markers printed

HOW TO SELF PUBLISH FOR PROFIT----Table of Contents-Shorten Version

* WHO STOLE MY COPYRIGHTS - I talk about how my first book, the Atlanta Music Industry Connection was plagiarized word for word by a past business partner. It got ugly ya'll the full details are in How to Self Publish for Profit

* GET YOUR PAPER RIGHT - I talk about how to set up your publishing company, so you can move from hustling and grinding to building your publishing business. That way you can pass on your legacy to future generations and they may benefit from your labor.

* GETTING BOOK DISTRIBUTION - Here you're exposed to what distribution truly means and how to benefit from it. You are exposed to various forms of distribution and what may be most profitable for you in both the short and long term. Traditional and Now Media is discussed in this section. You're empowered with information to help you sell more books.

* BRANDING, PROMOTIONS, PUBLICITY - Whatever your book genre fiction, non-fiction, technical, children, etc. your book has to have proper set-up and execution of branding, promoting and publicity without it you guarantee failure. You'll read the real deal on how to promote your book with small amounts of money. I give you some of the same techniques I use to Self-Publish for Profit my own books.

SELF-PUBLISHING FOR PROFIT is not easy and very costly in time, money and resources without a plan. With the right information, contacts, resources, links and plan your publishing experience should be most beneficial.

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